100 Days of Code – Day 82-91

Day 82: August 13, Sunday – Day 91: August 24, Thursday

Progress: For whatever reason, I fell off the blogging daily bandwagon. With that said, I did not completely fall off the programming bandwagon – thank goodness! Here’s a rundown of what I generally did over the past days. It was a lot of the same, and perhaps that’s honestly what made it too tedious to write about.

Now that I have a subscription to DataCamp I’ve been poking around with their Python content. It was fun, and I was getting it, but it really feels as though there is no retention for me. As such, it’s very likely I will end up starting over and taking more notes this time around.

Spent some time with Coursera. Stopped at one project. Though it was not hard at all, it was not something I immediately solved. Since then, too many other shiny things quickly caught my attention. Still would like to get back into that and pursue their further courses in that specialization.

Over the weekend Code School had a free for all and of course I participated. Tried out their Git classes as well as Python and a few others. They definitely put a lot of polish into their videos. With that said, it doesn’t necessarily seem much deeper than other resources.

The most exciting thing on my plate right now is that I’m finally really working on a project of my own. Basically, it utilizes both Selenium (for browser automation) and Beautiful Soup (for grabbing site HTML) in order to automate a process that’s a dreaded part of my regular schedule. That has really captured my interest. Despite knowing nothing about Selenium or Beautiful Soup at the start of the week, I’m already able to click/type into the browser as well as pull all the elements I want from a HTML page. The next step is to merge these two together.



Coursera – Programming for Everybody Review


Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) is a beginner course available on Coursera created by the University of Michigan. It is also the very first class in the 5-course Python for Everybody Specialization also available via Coursera.

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Coursera – Learn to Program: The Fundamentals Review


Learn to Program: The Fundamentals is the first course I’ve ever taken at Coursera. It is listed as one of the top fifty MOOCs via Class Central, which is what led me to try it out. Please note that this is hardly the first programming course I’ve taken over the years, and my second Python-focused class after MITx 6.00.1x.

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100 Days of Code – Day 81

Day 81: August 12, Saturday

Today’s Progress: As expected, I finally completed the initial class in the Python for Everybody specialization over at Coursera. It took longer than I really wanted, especially since none of it proved to be new material. Ah well! Alongside that I started on DataCamp’s Python Data Analyst path. It doesn’t seem to be for total beginners, though, as it speeds through concepts. That’s good in my case!

Thoughts: I’m curious to see how long these DataCamp courses really do end up taking. Also, if they end up being fun to me or more annoying and repetitive. If they are all style over substance then my time with it probably will be short-lived.


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 44 minutes.

100 Days of Code – Day 80

Day 80: August 11, Friday

Today’s Progress: Continued trucking on through the latest Coursera course as part of a specialization. Chances are that it’ll be completed come tomorrow. Well, in regards to my completion of the material and not an official completion… since the assignments and quizzes are paywalled.

Thoughts: Here’s what’s up. I somehow managed to nab a six month subscription for DataCamp. This is one of the sites I’ve been really interested in checking out (and potentially subbing to) in the future. Looks like I won’t have to right at this moment! They have around 80 courses at the moment, and most for some reason are listed as being 4 hours long. Well, I’m looking forward to trying out a few.


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 27 minutes.