Skillcrush 10-Day Bootcamp Review

Skillcrush 10-Day Bootcamp Review

Skillcrush is an online coding school with a focus on various aspects of web development. Unlike more expensive, and often in person coding bootcamps, prices hang around the hundreds (i.e., $399) rather than thousands of dollars range. They offer a 10-Day Bootcamp free of charge to anyone interested in dipping their feet into the world of web development/design.

This is an incredibly beginner-focused course which goes over the basics of HTML and touches ever so briefly on CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby. Basically, they let you know that these things exist but there’s never any hands on coding examples with it. HTML at least gets a fair share of attention to ensure folks understand what HTML is, how it’s structured, and why it is a part of all websites.

Although the course is scheduled to offer ten days of content, I sat down and powered through the whole thing in a little under an hour. Of course, at this point, I’m not the target audience for their free intro bootcamp. The mostly friendly nature of the text and videos seem like they’d be a great first resource for people curious about coding on the web before they dig into the actual mechanics of it.

I’ll admit that the very clear writing and high quality videos got me intrigued about Skillcrush’s various paid courses, even though the intro itself didn’t teach me anything. It certainly would given the correct target audience. In the meantime, I’ve downloaded their free “The Ultimate Guide to Coding for Beginners” e-book (review forthcoming).

Time: 43 minutes.

Recommended: Yup!


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