100 Days of Code – Day 73


Day 73: August 4, Friday

Today’s Progress: Yup, spent more time with Coursera. That was really all, but I am having fun with it fortunately. This marked my completion of the fourth week of material. It will probably be completely over in just a few more days unless something else catches my attention.

Thoughts: Looking through the forums for this Coursera course is really revealing. So many people just do not grasp the core concepts required to succeed in this class – at this point. And the thing is that I know exactly how they felt as I was the same way. It wasn’t just a failure to remember syntax. It was an inability to grasp even the simplest concepts or even realize that you need to be 100% exact with typing to make sure everything doesn’t explode.


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 27 minutes.


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