100 Days of Code – Day 75


Day 75: August 6, Sunday

Today’s Progress: Just completed week six of the seven week course on Coursera. As far as I can tell, this would have been a kinder introduction to Python than MITx’s course. However, it holds you hand to a degree that is not conducive to truly being prepared to start doing things once the class is over. In any case, there’s only one week left to go which I’ll probably finish today or tomorrow.

Thoughts: Coursera, Coursera, Coursera. Beyond taking my same old class I also looked at their Specializations. The concept is cool – especially when you realize you can “audit” everything for free. I just don’t know if their other classes will entice me like this one is, or if that’s just a matter of me actually enjoying the teachers.


Time: 4 hours and 01 minutes.


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