100 Days of Code – Day 78


Day 78: August 9, Wednesday

Today’s Progress: So, my initial Coursera course gave me a bit of an unfair look at the platform. The one I’m currently taking does not have as great a layout (in my opinion). More than that, however, the quizzes require a subscription/payment to be graded. I really don’t get why that is the case… Obviously to rake in more money, but it annoys me that’s for sure!

Thoughts: I would be much more willing to pony up for a Coursera subscription if it were not so pricey. $50 a month makes sense from the perspective that buying a certificate for one course in particular is a little bit more expensive than that. With a sub you get access to all courses. However, most people are not likely to finish one course in a month in my opinion. You’d have a few overachievers, sure, but that would be balanced out by tons of folks who pause learning but still leave their subscription active for months at a time. Oh well!


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 14 minutes.


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