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30 Days of Code – Completed!

30 Days of Code – Completed!

It hardly seems like it has been a month, but #30DaysOfCode is over! For a hot minute I couldn’t grasp why day 29 was the final one, but then… I remembered that the first day was day 0.

So how do I feel now? I’m glad that I completed it, but don’t feel it was a perfect way to dive into coding for newbies. For me, even with some previous knowledge, at about halfway through things seemed to really ramp up. Not every day after that point was nightmarishly difficult, though. Some days were much easier – even late in the game. The structure could use some improvement.

Similarly, the BlondieBytes videos occasionally failed to match up with the topic at hand. I’d love if those extra videos (as fun as they were) to be moved to an appendix. Well, that’s probably not going to happen years after the fact!

My biggest wish is that perhaps I had gone after #30DaysOfCode via Java rather than JavaScript. Why? It simply would have made the concepts displayed in the video and instructions readily understandable. Taking the leap between concepts in Java and process in JavaScript usually isn’t that big. But sometimes I’d have preferred a bit of “easiness” in comparison to heavy Googling. I do a great deal of that at work as is.

While this is the end of #30DaysOfCode, it is hardly the end of my learning journey. It’s just the beginning! I still have other micro challenges to complete, such as perhaps the #JavaScript30 one, or others avaiable online. Perhaps I’ll complete a Nanodegree, or at least finish MIT 6.00.1x. Who can say? All I know is that I’m ready to continue onward wherever coding will take me.