100 Days of Code – Day 76


Day 76: August 7, Monday

Today’s Progress: It was a fun ride but today I completed the Python course on Coursera. The content was split up into seven weeks but thanks to its self-paced nature I was able to finish it in six days. This at least shows that I’ve learned a bit about Python, though not as much as could have been the case.

Thoughts: All in all it was a fun course, but one that was obviously below my level at this point. It would have been great to see more assignments jammed in there, rather than simple quizzes.


Time: 1 hour and 0 minutes.

100 Days of Code – Day 75


Day 75: August 6, Sunday

Today’s Progress: Just completed week six of the seven week course on Coursera. As far as I can tell, this would have been a kinder introduction to Python than MITx’s course. However, it holds you hand to a degree that is not conducive to truly being prepared to start doing things once the class is over. In any case, there’s only one week left to go which I’ll probably finish today or tomorrow.

Thoughts: Coursera, Coursera, Coursera. Beyond taking my same old class I also looked at their Specializations. The concept is cool – especially when you realize you can “audit” everything for free. I just don’t know if their other classes will entice me like this one is, or if that’s just a matter of me actually enjoying the teachers.


Time: 4 hours and 01 minutes.

100 Days of Code – Day 74


Day 74: August 5, Saturday

Today’s Progress: As is the rather obvious norm at this point, I’m still working through a Coursera course on Python. Right now I’m on week six of seven weeks total. This week isn’t particularly long except for a video detailing the creation of a program from start to finish. That’ll be interesting to watch, I hope!

Thoughts: Once this course is done it’ll be back to resuming other things I’ve been working with (most likely). Honestly, it’s hard to say for sure. As, prior to spontaneously taking this course, my drive hit an all-time low. My goal is still to complete this code challenge without skipping days like before. We shall see what transpires.


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 59 minutes.

100 Days of Code – Day 73


Day 73: August 4, Friday

Today’s Progress: Yup, spent more time with Coursera. That was really all, but I am having fun with it fortunately. This marked my completion of the fourth week of material. It will probably be completely over in just a few more days unless something else catches my attention.

Thoughts: Looking through the forums for this Coursera course is really revealing. So many people just do not grasp the core concepts required to succeed in this class – at this point. And the thing is that I know exactly how they felt as I was the same way. It wasn’t just a failure to remember syntax. It was an inability to grasp even the simplest concepts or even realize that you need to be 100% exact with typing to make sure everything doesn’t explode.


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 27 minutes.

100 Days of Code – Day 72


Day 72: August 3, Thursday

Today’s Progress: If anyone guessed that my time today would be spent with more Coursera coursework then they’d be absolutely right. Just blasted through week three and made one simple error on the quiz that is annoying me. Fortunately you can retake quizzes until you get a perfect grade.

Thoughts: I feel like the edX Python course really jumped into various topics at a faster pace and asked more of its students than this Coursera one is. There are benefits to both means of teaching, of course.


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 27 minutes.

100 Days of Code – Day 71


Day 71: August 2, Wednesday

Today’s Progress: Right now the big exciting thing in my coding world is a Coursera class. In comparison to the edX one, it’s great because I can move at whatever pace I want. As such, more time is getting dumped into them than usual. We’ll have to wait and see if this pace continues or not.

Thoughts: Python is not a programming language that is really on my “to learn” list, yet here I am taking another Python course. Honestly, it’s necessary given that in the end I semi-flamed out on edX’s introductory course by the end. Repetition is something that I’ve found really helps me in learning and cementing knowledge. As such, while anyone else would tell me to stop taking so many darn courses, I will just keep doing what is known to work for me, even if it takes longer to get to a certain level of proficiency.


  • None today

Time: 1 hour and 42 minutes.

100 Days of Code – Day 70


Day 70: August 1, Tuesday

Today’s Progress: For reasons, I’ve hopped back into trying out a course on Coursera (for the first time) and seeing how that matches up to the edX experience. It has worked well so far and proved a fun diversion from other tasks.

Thoughts: For some reason I completely fell off the wagon with regards to this whole process of an hour of code a day. People say it takes X amount of time to build a habit, but I think that habits never really form for me. It has been over two months yet it was no trouble to completely cast aside all that. With that said, I’ve been looking at programming stuff each day – just not for the recommended hour minimum.


  • None today

Time: 2 hours and 21 minutes.