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Mini Bootcamp – Lesson 3 Assignment Finished

Mini Bootcamp – Lesson 3 Assignment Finished

This assignment is quite different than what we’ve done before because it’s focused on teaching how to use a tool rather than creating a website. Of course, no matter what sort of coding you do in the future, Git and Github will most likely become a part of your process.

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Mini Bootcamp – Lesson 3 Summary

Mini Bootcamp – Lesson 3 Summary

Here we are again! The third lesson for Lambda School’s online mini bootcamp just concluded. First off, Austen offered help for assignment #2’s navbar since so many users had issues with it.

The big focus of today’s course, however, was Git and GitHub! After showing off how to browse through directories with the command line, we were shown the basic commands necessary to have Git download a repository and then push changes back up to GitHub. The specific syntax for doing this has a few steps, and they’re the kind of process you simply must memorize if you’re new to the world of Git.

Here’s the video for lesson 3:

Homework Assignment: There are two tasks this time around, both dealing with using Git and GitHub. The first task is to do the following:

  1. Fork the repository lswebhomework3.
  2. Clone it to your own computer.
  3. Edit the following information in the README.md file:
    “My name is:
    I like to:
    I’m learning:”
  4. Add a screenshot (.jpg or .png file) to the project folder. This photo is of a Twitter post which you’ve altered using the Inspect Element function of Chrome.
  5. Push this project to your own repository on Github.

The second task is:

  1. Create a new repository on GitHub at the following directory: github.com/yourusername/hellolambdaschool.
  2. Create a README.md in this directory and enter this line of text:
    I am learning how to use git at Lambda School’s [online code bootcamp](https://lambdaschool.com/mini-bootcamp)
  3. Push these changes directly to your new repository.

And, if you’d like a little extra credit, go ahead and perform these steps on other repositories you’ve forked or created yourself. When you’re finished, share the GitHub links via the #webassignment3 channel on Slack.