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Lambda School Free Mini Bootcamp Unofficial FAQ

Lambda School Free Mini Bootcamp Unofficial FAQ

What is Lambda School’s Free Mini Bootcamp

It’s a totally free online introduction to web development. It is not their part time or full time actual bootcamp course – both of those cost thousands of dollars each. As such, think of this mini bootcamp as a step to take before jumping into an actual bootcamp with Lambda School or any other company.

When are classes held? 

The first class was on May 15, however, you can still join up by signing up on their webpage. Classes are set to occur each Monday and Friday for the next 3-4 weeks and last about an hour each. The official class time is 6:00PM PT. If you need to see what that time converts to in your region, check this link out and add your timezone to get an automatic timezone conversion.

What can I expect to learn from it?

The course focuses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (which are all that you need to get started with web development). Beginners are welcome, but people starting completely from 0 coding or knowledge might have a tougher time completing the homework.

I missed the live class! Where can I get links to the video and homework?

This link takes you to the archive which will hold all recorded lesson videos and homework. And, for reference, here are links to content from the May 15 class:

What do I use to write the code for my homework?

Technically, any text editor will work. However, you’ll benefit from using an IDE with features designed for web developers (ie: allowing you to view your code rendered as you work). Some popular options are Brackets, Codepen, Sublime TextAtom, and Visual Studio Code. Which should you use? That’s up to personal preference!

How do I turn in my homework? 

Once you are invited to the Slack chat (occurs after registration via Lambda School’s website), place a link to your homework in the #webassignment(#) channel. Most people are opting to use Codepen, Github, or JSFiddle to turn in work. Each of these sites allows your code to be viewed or downloaded.

What is the complete list of channels used within Lambda Schools’ Slack?

  • #general: General discussion.
  • #getting-started: The first place to go if you’re new and have questions.
  • #help: Get help with assignments here.
  • #introductions: The place to introduce yourself to other learners.
  • #lesson-archives: Video lesson links and assignment links will be accessible here.
  • #webassignment(1-8): Turn in assignments 1-8 in their appropriate channel.
  • #certificate: Once you’ve completed all assignments, turn them in here to receive a certificate.
  • #about-lambda: Go here to ask questions about Lambda School, Lambda University, and their paid programs.