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Coursera – Programming for Everybody Review


Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) is a beginner course available on Coursera created by the University of Michigan. It is also the very first class in the 5-course Python for Everybody Specialization also available via Coursera.

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Coursera – Learn to Program: The Fundamentals Review


Learn to Program: The Fundamentals is the first course I’ve ever taken at Coursera. It is listed as one of the top fifty MOOCs via Class Central, which is what led me to try it out. Please note that this is hardly the first programming course I’ve taken over the years, and my second Python-focused class after MITx 6.00.1x.

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The Firehose Project – Bootcamp Prep Course Review


When looking around at web development bootcamps, one of the first few I stumbled upon was The Firehose Project. It stuck in my mind (primarily due to the unusual naming). Then I realized they offered a Bootcamp Prep Course which you must complete before applying to their actual bootcamp. As such, here’s a look at my thoughts on it.

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Upskill Courses – The Essential Web Developer Course Review


Back in late May, I discovered Upskill Courses’ Essential Web Developer Course and was immediately intrigued with the concept. Here was a course of over 140 videos that purported to teach its viewers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. Having become intrigued with web development, I jumped in. Approximately a month later, I completed The Essential Web Developer Course (until more videos are added anyway!).

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Skillcrush 10-Day Bootcamp Review

Skillcrush 10-Day Bootcamp Review

Skillcrush is an online coding school with a focus on various aspects of web development. Unlike more expensive, and often in person coding bootcamps, prices hang around the hundreds (i.e., $399) rather than thousands of dollars range. They offer a 10-Day Bootcamp free of charge to anyone interested in dipping their feet into the world of web development/design.

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The Iron Yard – Free Introduction Courses Review

The Iron Yard – Free Introduction Courses Review

The Iron Yard is one of innumerable coding bootcamps out  there. Alongside courses that range from $500 to $14,000, they offer three free online introductory courses for folks who want to see if coding is for them. They also show off The Iron Yard’s Newline web platform. Here’s my take on each of the three courses and who they’re best for.

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